Firstly let's upload a copy of your plans. *

for multiple files, we recommend zipping them together and uploading the zip file.
Do you have an expected start date?

Great! When are you looking to start building?

What is your budget for the build? *

Ok Great! Let's chat about the plans and the house for a moment.

How many metres squared will the home be?

How would you best describe the design of your home?

Have you decided on a type of cladding?

OK got it, What about the roof type?

What are the ceiling heights

Is the house to be built on a concrete slab or elevated?

OK, It's coming together. We are almost done, let's just quickly chat about the site, where the house is going.

What's the address of the block of land you are building on? *

What council is responsible for that area?

How big is the block?

Please use m2
What is your registered plan (RP) number?

You can find this on your rates notice.
Is a DA (Development Approval) needed?

OK, has that already been arranged?

OK, we'll note that down. Is the site cleared?

What is the slope of the block like?

Do you have a contour survey?

Ok great! Can we have a copy to make sure we get your quote right?

OK no problems, but please note that there may be changes to the estimate after the exact gradient of the slope is worked out.

Is the block in a Bush Fire Prone area?

This may affect the type of cladding and other structural decisions based on Australian standards.
Will you be using town water or a rain water tank?

For sewerage will you be connected to town facilities or will you be using a septic tank?

We are pretty much done, There are just a couple of more questions about the project to make sure we can give you the best quote.

Is this an owner builder project?

Would you like us to include a quote for transporting the kit to the build site?

Will you require a private certifier?

We did it! We'll get started on the estimate and we will try to get it to you ASAP. In the interim if there is anything urgently you wanted to speak to us about you can call us on 1800 548 723.
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